Social Distance Coaching: Strength Training

Spring is a great time of year, a time we want to be outside. With our new normal for small group activity that lends itself to the need for the opportunity to take in some social distance strength training.

You may have been doing your best for the last 8 weeks following online videos or an APP. Although those devices may have some really high quality idaes and instruction there are just some things you can't get without having a well trained coach there with you guiding you through a program designed for you and giving you that strong "nudge" when you need it.

Aerobic Power is offering 1 on 1 outdoor coaching with social distance to help you get the most out of your strength training. Sessions will incorporate TRX, Medicine Balls, and Bands. These one hour outdoor sessions will guide you through a warm up, mobility component, strength component and a metabolic booster to finish the hour. Included will be a phone consult prior to our first training session to ensure the program is designed specifically for you.

Family groups may include up to 4 members

Workouts maybe structured to accommodate training with a friend as well by providing enough equipment and space so individuals can keep to their own for the entire session.


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