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Individual Training Programs

Personalized Training Plans


From swim to run to bike, let Aerobic Power help you achieve your greatest season yet! Through a fully-customized plan, built around your life, we can help ensure consistency in training, adaptation, and of course success! 

To provide more face-to-face coaching opportunities, Aerobic Power now offers Training Plans with in-person coaching options! Get valuable insight and in-person 1-on-1 interaction with your coach every month! These interactions are invaluable in making progress on technique, skill, and performance. *Bring your training to another level with Training Plan 2.0 or Training Plan 4.0. Learn more below.

*Due to the in-person coaching sessions of Training Plan 2.0 & 4.0, limited spots are available. 

Personalized Training Plans
Offseaso Training Plans
Workout gadgets

Individualized Strength Training Plans

We now offer individualized strength training plans delivered via an app, making it more affordable and convenient for you! Plans are built around your season, specific to your goals and personal scheduling. All of your strength workouts are recorded, logged, and calculated to provide you with ongoing feedback and long-term progress reports. 

Through our unique app, you'll have access to coaching feedback, comments, and program adjustments, as well as video examples to make sure you are doing your workouts correctly.


Cycle Strong and Run Strong 4 Month IN Season Strength Training Plans Available

Aerobic Power Athletes on Training Plans: 4 Month Program for only  $115 + gst.  

Non Aerobic Power Athletes: 4 Month Program for only  $140 + gst.


Specific Cycle Strong and Run Strong 6 Month Off Season Strength Training Plans Available

Aerobic Power Athletes on Training Plans: $177.45

Non Aerobic Power Athletes: $208.95

Custom Plans Available: Pricing subject to programming 

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