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Automatically Linking your TrainingPeaks Workouts to Zwift

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Evan here, a subpar athlete that owes any of my above-average performances to Kevin's coaching, and I'm here today to show you how to easily link your intervals from TrainingPeaks to Zwift automatically.

The best training program is the easiest training program. No, I don’t mean easy as in physically-easy… duh, but I do mean mentally easy. We’re all busy with life, and slotting in training can be mentally draining at times, so the easier it is to get going for any given workout, the better.

Since I started training with Kevin a year ago, I’ve quickly learned I have very few valid excuses. Not enough time? I was shocked at how efficient of a program Kevin could put together for my busier weeks. Not enough motivation? Nothing pumps up your motivation like having a coach who knows what you’re capable of watching for your completed workouts. I dread the day I get a text saying “why didn’t you do ______ workout?”

And with integrating my TrainingPeaks with Zwift, I don’t even have the excuse of forgetting what workout I’m supposed to be doing. And, if you’re lucky enough to have an indoor smart trainer for your bike, you won’t even be able to skimp out on hitting the right power numbers during your intervals!

To further streamline your training, follow the easy steps below to integrate your TrainingPeaks and Zwift account - planned workouts Kevin puts into TrainingPeaks for you will automatically be accessible in Zwift with a few easy clicks. And when you’ve completed your workout in Zwift, it automatically uploads your data back to TrainingPeaks. Easy peasy!

Connect your Zwift account with TrainingPeaks

Login to your Zwift account at and navigate to your profile by clicking on your profile picture located in the top right corner. From that page, look on the right hand side for a button called “Connections.” This will take you to a page showing the various Zwift connections available - under the TrainingPeaks logo, click “Connect.”

You’ll be prompted to login to your TrainingPeaks account and set the permissions to allow the integration. Once you’re done that, your accounts are connected and will automatically start passing data back and forth for all your rides on Zwift going forward.

How to Automatically Populate your Planned Workout into Zwift

It's the 20th when I write this, and as my TrainingPeaks shows, I have a workout to do today. Here's how to find this workout automatically in Zwift

If you’ve followed the connection above, it’s already done - you just have to find it! When you startup Zwift, go through your regular start up (pairing your trainer and sensors, etc).

Once you hit the main screen where you can select your route, look for the "Ride Type" heading directly below your route choice - hit the button called "Training"

This will bring up a screen with a bunch of the workouts that Zwift has automatically ready, but at the top should be a tab that says "TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts." If you expand that selection, the workout from that day in TrainingPeaks will be there - select it, then click "Ride" and your workout begins! That easy!

There's the workout of the day, pre-populated and ready to go

Think Less with ERG Mode on Your Trainer

If you are using a compatible smart-trainer (basically anything electronic with automatic variable resistance, like a Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Flux, etc), you can select "use ERG mode" for the most brainless workout you can do.

From the Zwift workout selection page, here's where you can turn on ERG mode. It can also be toggled on and off in the middle of your workout from the Zwift Companion App on your phone, or from the desktop screen itself.

When you are in ERG mode in a workout, your trainer will automatically adjust the resistance to make sure you are riding at the prescribed power zones for each interval. You don't have to manage your intensity, the trainer does it for you!

You never have to change gears, and it doesn't matter what RPM's you spin at, the trainer will automatically adjust resistance to make sure you hit your targets. I'll often use erg mode so I can zone out and watch an Oilers game while doing a workout to help pass the time. (Although, lately Oilers games are not exactly riveting viewing material...)

Using ERG mode isn't always the best option for certain workouts, and it does have limitations, but that's a topic for another time. Happy Training!

If you want to learn more about erg mode, here's a quick overview from the folks at Zwift. Click here to read.

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