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What Makes a Good Bike Route?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Over the course of the last 7 weeks I have tried to keep in touch with clients, athletes, friends through just general content emailed out, started a VideoCast called Sport/Fit Hub, provided workout descriptions and some videos among other things. As news yesterday shows signs of some restrictions being lightened up I plan to maximize my riding in the potential last 6 weeks before I get to head back to normal work. Through this time and even through the summer riding may need to remain to be solo or something slightly more fun in distant group riding (being way outside that draft zone). These events have forced me to learn new skills like the video work and talking on camera. I'm also to very good at navigation. So my next project here will be to use some various apps that provide route suggestions and try at least 1 -2 new routes each week and provide feedback on the route and also how the app did in finding me a route I cold count on.

Some of the criteria will include: traffic, road quality, remoteness of roads and scenery. Ill probably add more as I have various experiences out there. So check this out weekly to where I have been. Generally new routes would be completed on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes Tuesdays.

Please feel free to send me a route suggestion between 40 km and 120 km.

Here we Go!!!

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