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Training with Power

8 week learn to train with power cycling program

If you are new to training with power on the bike and you use a smart trainer or have a power meter on your bike then read on, this program is for you!


This 8 week program will teach you how to maximize and enjoy all the benefits of training with power on the bike.⁠

Starts February 6, 2022⁠ with the Opening Seminar 7pm.⁠

What you Get with the 8 Week Program:⁠

  • Cycling Training Plan, providing 3 power-based workouts per week.⁠

  • Unlimited access to coaches to answer your workout questions⁠

  • Presentation on How to Understand and Train with Power on the bike as well as utilize various online training platforms such as Zwift.⁠

  • Mid Program Presentation "Getting You to the Next Level"

  • End of Program Presentation "Transitioning to the Outdoor Rides"

  • Recorded seminar by Pedalhead Bicycle Works owner, Chris Check, on optimizing bike set up, gear and know-how.⁠

  • Two weekend Group Rides on Zwift

  • "How To Train with Power" Manual⁠

  • Discount on Our May 6-7 Learn to Ride Stronger Edmonton Cycling Camp⁠

To Register ⁠


COST: $199 + gst

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