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West 100km Loop (Modifiable to as low as 50km)

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This ride can launch off anywhere from the South Edmonton area, Riverbend, Terwilliger, and you head out via Cameron Hts. To take off ~ 20-25 km the ride can also begin from Woodbend Community Hall on RR514 and Winterburn 215.

I like to usually head south to Graminia and then west down Graminia until RR 273 or Golden Spike Road. To make your loop turn right or north, for a shorter loop turn right on 514, which takes you directly back to Woodbend Hall. I was interested in trying to make a century loop so I went farther north to 627 before I turned right, heading east. You only spend a short time on the busier 627 before taking a right on RR 271 (pioneer road). I have never ridden pioneer road before, but it was one of those stretches that makes you love cycling. If you need a great stretch of road for intervals this could be it. Once back on 514 heading east you'll ride until you cross Hiways 60. From that point on you can use the map to create some loops as I did to get the distance or simply head straight back to your end point. Except for 627 traffic is low and roads are in good shape except closer to the Woodbend area where you'll need to watch for potholes. It's a great route for being able to modify distances from 50km to 100km.

Link to the Route

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