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Things Are Heating Up!

The most accurate way to start would be to say we are off to the races this month with so much going on. Some of the big triathlons locally include, Great White North, the PTO right here in Edmonton and the Calgary 70.3.

The road bike scene was just as crazy with the Canadian Cycling Championships, Canada Day Crit, Madden Masters Stage Race and Pigeon Lake Road Race will be coming up very early August. It’s been very exciting watching athletes chase down their goals and get to enjoy their accomplishments after long committed off seasons.


Great White North Triathlon

Maren won 1st Overall Olympic Champion

Daryl completed his first half with a target of 6:30 and finished in 6:15!

As a training day for Ironman Canada Alan picked up a PR and a second place finish in the Half Ironman.

Pedro overcoming some adversity with a long term shoulder injury. Pedro made the adjustment from the triathlon to a duathlon now having to quickly get used to 2 runs in one event.

Sinister7 Ultra Run Race

From triathlete to ultra runner. Jordan takes on his first ultra, not with a 50 miler or a 100km, but with the 100 miler event at Sinister 7. Finishing incredibly strong with the worst damage being the wear and tear on the feet. I’m always immensely impressed what all that everyone accomplishes, balancing everything and still performing at such a high level.


As I prep for the PTO on July 24th, I needed to do an equipment checklist. I have been swimming (in a pool) and riding (on a road bike) and running but have not combined them for a while for an event, so I was missing a few key pieces of equipment. Another perk of coaching triathletes is there’s always lots of gear around. I was fortunate to get my hands on a sleeveless wet suit. I have never had one of those before but had always wished I had, and I was right. I do enjoy the extra mobility in the shoulders. More recently I was lent a fabulous time trial bike. Although this course brings lots of debate as to what’s better to ride, a road bike or TT bike, I think there is more time to be gained with the TT bike.



One of the hardest parts of swimming in the open water is sighting. Many a fast pool swimmer have finished an open water swim races with modest times and many extra meters swam. The key is to limit the compromising of a streamline body position while trying to sight a point of reference to keep you on the correct line.

One idea is what I like to call crocodile eyes. Here you are simply trying to coordinate your breath with a quick look forward limiting the head lift and only having the “crocodile eyes” out of the water.

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Not sure if you read the comments - but I do enjoy getting the training perspective from the coach's point of view. Although I'm not doing PTO - you commented on the ride portion and how to approach the hills & descents. This is really good info to have & I hope your athletes benefit from your recon notes!!

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