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Spring is Finally Here: Looking Forward to New Happenings and Bringing Back Some of the Old


After a bit of a hiatus with lots to tend to locally we are so excited to kick off our return and the start of a regular schedule of camps both around home and abroad.

Our recent camp in Ronda, Spain was breath taking, figuretively and literally. Riders were challenged daily by big elevation changes but always being rewarded with amazing scenery and beautiful, historical small spanish towns where they quite often enjoyed a cafe and sandwich before returning to the days excitement out on the bike. Snacks weren't always the obvious choice though, as one pit stop a cyclist ordered Octopus, only something that could. happen in europe. The amazing group dynamics, plus the most tasty 4-6 course dinner menus made the end of the day and story telling over dinner so much fun for everyone.


Next year Aerobic Power is excited to be having the same kind of fun, albeit maybe slightly less elvation in beautiful Portugal. Our 2025 Aerobic Power Euro Bike Camp will be in early April, with our base being out of Portimao, Portugal.

Interested? Be sure to send me a messsage.


Congrats to these 3 runners hitting PR's, running BQ times and competing on the World's stage.

Perry: London Marathon

3 hrs 34 minutes, 4 minute PR and BQ time in his second marathon.

Maren: London Marathon

3 Hrs 18 minutes, 12 minute PR

Chris: Boston Marathon

3 Hrs 11 minutes putting in his second fastest marathon time which is no easy task in Boston.


Aerobic Power just kicked off its outdoor track workouts Thursday mornings at 6 am.

If interested email

Penticton Gravel Camp

With a full contingent of keen gravel riders we are putting on our gravel camp May 23 - May 28th in Penticton, BC.

If you are interested in a Fall Gravel Camp out of Penticton, email


With Penticton returning back to a Ironman/Triathlon hot spot we would love to get back to hosting IM/triathlon training camps there. With 20+ years experience around IM and Penticton.

We are excited to be able to work with a couple beautiful rental properties just off Lk Okanagan where we'd like to start making them our base camp and bring back our original, "Livin the Dream" training camps that started 20+ years ago.

Camps would be set up as 5 night, 4 day training camps with 2 workouts per day.

Minimum 6 athletes up to a maximum of 12 athletes.

Open Water Swim Training - Course Recon - Bike and Run Training- specific lectures upon request.

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