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One Day at a Time


February can be a tough month, with the excitement of training start up wearing off and the deep freeze still lingering. If we can get through one more month, spring and your fun outdoor events are right around the corner.

At this time, I would encourage you to make your February Mantra “Consistency”. Focus on the consistency within your nutrition, training and recovery practices. Look at each day individually creating smaller chunks to take on versus the full week or multiple weeks. This will feel much less overwhelming and leave you with more energy and focus on your tasks for each individual day.


February 26: Aerobic Power Swim Camp

Transform your technique in the water and become a better swimmer with

Kris Schultz on deck for a 1 Day technical focused swim training camp.

Email: for details

May 27-29: Rocky Mountain Cycling Camp

This camp will offer two main objectives. For the novice groups you will develop the skills to perform a group rides safely, learn to descend with confidence, cornering, braking and shifting gears to optimize your efficiency riding all the while developing a new level of fitness to take on your summer riding goals.

Our experienced groups will review all the essential skills in group riding/racing, learn how to attack descents with more speed and push your fitness limits with a challenging weekend of riding at altitude.

Email: for details


In the pool we are continuing to work on our CSS or critical speed. Sessions are mixed with drills, and various pacing targets over the course of a week. Within each we want to make sure we have some extended aerobic swim sets, some critical speed sets and some over speed or faster than critical speed sets.

On the bike, tempo and sweet spot efforts continue to lengthen. We will also include some extended climbing now to continue to work on strength with increased demand on your muscle endurance.

Most runners will be building their engine with lots of aerobic work through fartlek style running. Winter running and closed facilities through covid have really shifted my mindset about this method of early season run training. The results have been amazing.

In the gym you want to be challenging your muscles with what would be heavy for you and low rep schemes of 4-6 reps so long as you have good technique to safely manage those types of loads.

In a variety of levels and intensities, programs will also incorporate neuromuscular training through plyometrics and jump training.


This month we head to Vancouver to make a solid go at a half marathon in Vancouver. I heard a great term from an athlete that’ll I’ll use for this event. It will be my “Rust Buster”

My run training has been structured to a degree but I tried not to be to black and white so as to let myself be patient with my progress and to adapt to the variety of run conditions in the middle of winter without getting to caught up with specific paces.

The goals were to;

*Run 4x/wk

*Increase a long run comfortably up to 12-14 miles

*Use fartlek as my interval progression so I could stay outdoors and let my body decide how fast was fast on any given day.

*Utilize a run day for accelerations, short hill bounding or hill sprints for neuromuscular work.

Back in December I decided to make an effort to get to the track once a week. I wasn’t going to originally but decided I would do it to provide a good environment for drills and shorter speed work, and it was extremely cold outside. I kept the intervals short with good rest and although I was watching the splits the focus was always on how the body was moving and how it felt.


Chris Check from Pedalhead Bicycleworks took time out from his day to answer some questions on bike fit.

Check it out at

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