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With what seems to be a slow arrival of summer weather some athletes have been a bit hesitant to get outside for their workouts, particularly the bike workouts. Zwift is creating quite a comfort level. With some of the bigger races approaching now, one needs to get outside and train with the mental uncertainty brought on by head winds, big hills, undulating roads and maybe some rain. All require some mental and physical skill to deal with.


Aerobic Power athletes are racing all over North America

Calgary Marathon

Wanda 4:06

With a big picture focus on Ironman Canada I always like to encourage and early season marathon to provide some strong run legs and some confidence. Wanda was going into the Calgary marathon looking for a 4:30 finish and came out out of it with an awesome 4:06 finish. She is right on schedule for a great IMC at the end of August.

Escape from Alcatraz

Shane Mascarin

Coming off of shoulder surgery Shane has had a jam packed spring already as he slowly builds up his training heading towards Ironman Canada at the end of the summer. He started by racing 70.3 Worlds at St.George. Then he hopped over the Hawaii to crew for a buddy at the Epic Deca which would have been quite something to witness.

Then capping it off at Escape from Alcatraz. Shane doesn’t normally jet set quite like this but like many, roll overs made for a busy start to 2022

Alcatraz Recap

The first event of the weekend was the Aquathlon 750m swim and 5km. I was able to take the boat with my wife Sara and we even jumped off together. The swim was nerve racking for my wife but she did great (rarely races). I had an amazing swim and sighting was bang on. I was 9th overall coming out of the water out of close to 200 racers (6th male and 2nd AG) . I got to see my wife finish her swim and ran the 5km fairly easy and enjoyed the sights. In hindsight I would have went out harder if I knew my position. Haha

Sunday was the full triathlon. Again had a great swim and was 200th out of 2000 racers. The bike course was challenging as it was busy and full downpour made the downhills and turns sketchy. I took it fairly easy and wasn't aggressive as there numberous crashes. The rain continued on the run which made for a muddy and slick course at times. I felt I ran steady and consistent at the pace the pack would allow for the most part.

I felt I had more in the tank at the end and need to work on pacing in the shorter events for sure. I still had slight pain in the shoulder/pec running but much better than at IMSTG.

I feel with a more consistent and increase in volume on the bike/run I should have a good IMC. Would have thought my swimming would have saved most of my races this year lol

Oliver Sprint Triathlon

Jason Dust

Jason is heading to Montreal at the end of June for the World Sprint Triathlon championships and needed a little tune up. First race out of training and he pulls off a second place finish.

Kona 70.3

Kim Raine 6:28

Its amazing how much fun racing can be when there’s no expectations. Kim is prepping for her first Hawaii world championships in Kona in October and was racing for experience and in support of Rob who is still gunning for his spot so he can join her.

Rob Ellis 6:20

After a couple months of no running heading into Kona, Rob truly raced his way to third place. An extremely exciting and gutsy performance which would leave most thrilled, but it was bitter sweet for as good as the day was there was only 1 spot available for Hawaii in October and there was no roll down this time. Possibly onto the next one?


One day at bike camp, well actually 3 days at bike camp.

What a treat to be in the mountains working with some keen and eager athletes again. All varying levels and experiences but all willing to take on some epic challenges.

Day 1

We focused on skills to help riders handle and be comfortable on their bikes. We then worked into group riding comfort and pacelines and the skill of the weekend, cornering for safety, efficiency and or speed depending on what group you were in.

Day 2

Riding the 93A was extremely nice, quite similar to the 1A if riders are more familiar with that. As we headed down the 93A groups either climbed Marmot and Edith Cavell or both.

This was our big ride day although most would probably argue Sunday was equally big and challenging.

Day 3

We finished with the long gradual climb up Maligne Lake Road to Malign Lake.

Every camp is a unique experience for every rider. That’s what makes coaching camps so exciting. For some it was there very first group experience and their first in a camp setting tackling the epic climbs around Jasper.

We had many riders who had maybe suffered a motivational or physical set back through the last two years and needed this camp to fire them up again on cycling and finally there were those who needed a change of cycling scenery and a powerful kickstart to their 2022 cycling fitness for bigger events to come later in the summer.

Our amazing coaches are like carmelions, with so much experience and knowledge they could change their approach and techniques to provide the best experience possible for every level group they were working with.

Keep following us as we plan to do this again and add more to our camp calendar in 2023.


One big lesson learned at camp was cornering….

See whole video here.

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