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Industrial SE Exploration

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This one requires a little tweaking. It was a great ride back to an area I have not been out to for a while. In short it was sth Edmonton over to Beaumont and back. Headed out via Chappelle and then 41st to get us over the QE. 41st can be tight with cars but speed limit is 60 and there was a bike path all the way along 41st as an option as well. Once over the Hiway Nisku Spine Rd going south was nice. Huge shoulder on it. Biggest mistake today was spending to long on 510 heading east. Really tight with traffic and being midday day lots of traffic with all the greenhouses etc along there and those heading right to Beaumont. In hind sight we will look to go right on 510 and take it to hiway625, turn left and then left again on RR 245. ( Can also be done clockwise to).

245 is nice and hiway 625 is busier but nice road with nice shoulder. I will tweak the course and put it out there for everyone.

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