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Holiday Season is Upon Us

As we head into the holiday season I encourage everyone to take time out from those busy training schedules to enjoy some time with family and do a little over indulging. Go into your break setting realistic training expectations so not to add unnecessary stress for missing workouts when you should be relaxing and recouping some energy for the exciting 2023 season.


We are excited to be launching our finest line of Aerobic Power Hoodies and Toques.

Look forward to January when we will be opening up our Jak-Roo store for our Aerobic Power Cycling Kit.


Christmas Gifts ideas from our Local Friends

Pedalhead Bicycle Works

Winter riding equipment like insulated pants, jackets, gloves and boots. Or Garmin Varia radar light, Wahoo GPS, and direct drive trainers. All good gifts to keep people riding!

Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop

Lots of great stocking fillers like high quality socks, Goodr sunglasses, and plenty of nutrition products options such as, Tailwind, Maurten, Skratch plus much more.

For you winter sport enthusiasts there is plenty of xc ski gear in stock should anyone want to get into some cross training.

To see the full list of great options check out:

And for Aerobic Power athletes, a 10% discount by using "aerobicpower10" online or mention it for your in person shopping.


Shane Mascarin loves the long stuff. His idea of jumping in last minute for a run with a buddy is joining them on their 100km ultra event. He's the most resilient athlete I'e ever had the pleasure of working with. Shane got to test his resiliency recently at the World Ultraman Championships in Hawaii. An ultra man is made up of 6.2 mile (10 K) open ocean swim, a 261.4 mile (421 K) bike ride, and a 52.4 mile (84 K) ultra-marathon run. Shane had a great Day1 but unfortunately crashed on the bike 235km into Day 2. But in true Shane fashion bounced back for Day 3 and completed the full run.


I officially completed my Run Everyday in November Challenge. Once we got passed the first week or so of November it actually was not that bad and running was really enjoyable. I appreciated the "push" to run everyday. Out of the whole month I can say there were only 2 days that I really did not want to run and would not have, had it not been for the challenge.

In December there will be a much more important challenge. Our toy drive for Santas Anonomys. We only have 15 days as they all need to be in by December 15th so we can get them to the depot for delivery. Chris from Pedalhead and myself will also be doing some riding and running in order to raise some additional money to buy more toys to add to the pile. Please stop by Pedalhead Bicycleworks to drop off your toy donation or email your pledge into

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