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Gotta Go East!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Im really becoming sold on the amazing rides offered by going east of Edmonton. I know I've had a super guide which always ensures you ride the goad roads, but now you have a guide as well by just following these routes. The roads are in fantastic shape, next to no traffic (weekend riding) and really, with the beautiful land and acreages out there the scenery is very good and provides a little of that get away from town vacation type of riding. Really, that's how it felt today. The map today provides an option to ride out there for the south, being first thing on a Sunday morning, it was also very pleasant. Ellersie is a good road right out past 50th to RR 232 where you would turn left and climb up to HiWay 14, cross it and hit TWP 520. TWP 520 itself is super road for riding, used in past years for 1/2 Moon Lake Triathlon. Today one of my favourite stretches was on RR 211. The part of the route that takes you on wye road does provide a stop for drinks etc if you are in need of that.

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